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In this technology era digital food ordering is more than a passing furor. It has became a way of life for most adults in India. Moreover, the online food delivery market is expected to grow over the next several years. Not only adults but oldies are also showing their interest in ordering food online. Ordering something became so easy, you only need to have a smartphone with internet access, and with one click the food is delivered to your doorstep. Online food orders will get hike during the IPL season and few other sports seasons, they just simply want to enjoy their meal watching sports or latest movies. Whenever the family members want to change their daily routine, they just pickup their smartphones and order something online.

When you think of ordering food online, a pizza or a burger are things that come into your mind. A kebab, tikka roll might make the cut for Indian dishes. Biryani has always been refused by the people. Biryani is associated with special occasions and memories of overnight cooking by khansamas using secret family recipes to achieve the perfect aroma and tender meat. It was served with a generous sprinkling of family history and customs. But over the last few years though, as food delivery apps, and take-away begun to dominate, Biryani has emerged to be the top list, and became the primary order of the people, replacing the pizzas and burgers that used to dominate standardized fast food kitchens.

Chicken Biryani is a delicious aromatic rice dish that is loaded with spicy marinated chicken, fried onions, and flavorful saffron rice. Although widely associated with Indian cuisine, Chicken Biryani as huge fans across a wide swath of South Asia, reaching as far west as Iraq, and as far east as Indonesia. You will find the unique texture as the bottom layer of rice absorbs all the juices of the chicken as it cooks, giving it a tender texture and rich flavor, while the top layer of rice remains white so that the perfect blend of the top layer and bottom layer is done. Luscious chicken that burst with flavours are founded in the biryani with flavor from the potent array of spices, herbs and aromatics it’s marinated in.

Bhopalis prefers chicken Biryani as their primary dish in the special occasions and dawath. Foodies here like to experience the flavours and taste for each bite of the biryani. Chickenkukduku being the top non-veg restaurant in the bhopal serves the biryani with special flavours and their ancient Rajputana style of cooking is mixed with the mughlai culture which makes the dish to be perfectly served. The youth here likes to hangout with their buddies in their home and prefer to order biryani online. All you have to do is pickup up smartphone open www.chickenkukduku.in and order biryani online and wait till the order arrives and enjoy the perfect meal with your near and dear ones.

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