Chicken Bhuna home delivery in Bhopal

Bhuna Chicken is the famous chicken dish in Bhopal and often considered to be takeaway favorites. This authentic dish is made by smudging chicken pieces in tomato based gravy and cooked in fresh aroma of ginger, garlic and bhuna masala. Chicken bhuna is a popular dish all around the world and can be found in every Indian restaurant menu and also served in Indian parties and weddings. Tandoori roti or Butter Naan will make perfect pair for Bhuna chicken.

In Bhuna Chicken the term bhuna refers to the traditional cooking technique where spices are fried in very hot oil, until they form a paste like structure. This has become the name of the dish, where the meat is added to these spices and cooked to bring out its special, deep flavours. This special indian dish is served with sauce and for the people who wish to have dish gentle, coconut milk can be added to suit individual tastes.

Not only for the India but this South Asian cuisine become favourite to the western world since the first curry house was opened in UK over 200 years ago. From then the popularity of Bhuna has continued to spread. It has become a compulsory dish of the Indian Restaurants, and households across the UK.

If you still yet to try the yummy delights of the bhuna, here at the chickenkukduku, we make thia dish to suit your personal taste. We use home ground spices for perfect flavor, aroma and taste. We have our own ideas, methods, ingredients and style of making chicken. Chickenkukduku is the best online chicken delivery in Bhopal where you will get hygienic freshest chicken with perfect blend spices. Make your evenings, weekends, or occasions delightful by ordering from online which will be served at your doorstep.

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