Get the best of Bhopal Mutton at Chicken Kuk Du Ku!

Having real tasty food is a treat but tasting the authentic ones is a pleasure. One such place is nowhere but in Bhopal. It's true that Bhopal, besides being the city of lakes, has a very unique way of serving food to the people. There are yet multiple sites where one can have good food but how about having them at the place you actually are! Yes, you can actually relish the tender food at your own place with a few seconds over a phone call. Lately, there have been many restaurants and hotels that have opened up to deliver a variety of cuisines with a flavor of chicken but here is the place where one can have the tender mutton varieties too. And it's even true that you can easily avail the dishes over your place. A simple call or a text would do you the deal and boom!! You get your Mutton curry online delivery. The mutton curry not only explodes your taste buds but also leaves you an everlasting essence. And also you can get them customized according to your taste if you make them stronger for your tastes. This place “The Chicken Kuk du Ku!” serves you one of the very special mutton dishes with their authentic style of preparation. It is really a wonder to the mouth when a meat piece melts by itself and busts out the real juicy stuff in there.


How Good is mutton?


Mutton at Chicken Kuk du Ku is always fresh and neatly cleansed rite before it's down for putting over the fire. A neatly maintained and well-satinised environment makes Chicken Kuk du Ku have the Best mutton in Bhopal and with the well-trained chef's hands over the dish makes the mutton to go even tender and delicates which obviously melts at the point in your mouth. The freshness of the mutton and the style of the Chicken Kuk du Ku chefs combine to serve you the best mutton recipes in and around Bhopal. 


What are the varieties of Mutton Available?


Chicken Kuk du Ku also serves other definite mutton dishes and items that are a real feast in your mouth and soul. Mutton rogan josh is one the kind that originates from Kashmir but resides in the tastes of Bhopal. The traditional style of preparation is captured and tuned according to the local taste with the original ingredients and course of preparation being preserved as it is. One other kind of dish is the Bhunagoshtwhich actually is from Pakistan but not to be overwhelmed it is available in Bhopal. You can get the dish at your doorsteps by ringing at Chicken Kuk du Ku!  The essence of Onions and the crisped spices makes it more of the Bhopal taste without actually missing the original mark of the dish. The special mustard oil used in the preparation makes it more consuming to the soul rather than the mouth. 


What is Bhuna?


Bhuna is a special kind of ingredient used in a variety of dishes and most importantly in mutton dishes. This is prepared with the regularly available items like red chili, turmeric, fried onion, garlic, ginger, etc. Bhuna is used in the dishes before the actual components like the veggies or the meat are added so that the bhuna makes a really delicious and flavoury sauce. Then the veggies or the meat is added to the gravy and then cooked. The pieces absorb the bhuna into every millimeter and this makes its impression while grabbing the bite of the piece. Mutton bhuna masala is one of the kinds of the dish which is derived out of the Bhuna recipes and is a real feast to the ones who are looking for a not-so soupy or gravy type of dish. This dish has a preparation of its own and is presented with pieces filled with the bhuna masala over them just to bring water in the mouth.


Yet Mutton bhuna is another kind of dish prepared in the same way but this comes in the taste of the people who like to feel the aroma and taste the soupy or gravy material of the bhuna. This dish can bring up the dead taste buds of anyone. Chicken Kuk du Ku knows the way it to be presented and also comes with the topping of slight lime juice which adds to the flavor. Its separately served at Chicken Kuk du Ku and you can avail of this anytime between 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM and you can also get this exciting dish at your doorsteps by just calling Chicken Kuk du Ku with 45 minutes of time latency. It's by the way served right from the kitchen so that you enjoy it while it's hot and in its original taste.        


How special is the Chicken Kuk du Ku?


The mutton used at Chicken Kuk du Ku is always fresh and straight in the kitchen. This makes the mutton to be more delicious and not to be mentioned but the added Bhopal masala makes it even more special than the actual taste. For a search as Mutton rogan josh near me and the answer would definitely be Chicken Kuk du Ku. One can easily find a dish which is similar to the original but the authentic are only a few and Chicken Kuk du Ku is one! The taste also lies in the lines of the original and there is no way to distinguish the originated dish from the available one. That makes the place very special and to be the only one of its kind place. 


One can always taste the varieties of the dishes at Chicken Kuk du Ku by dropping themselves at this great place any day but if you want to them on your table in your house them you need to dial Chicken Kuk du Ku in timing between 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM from Tuesday to Sunday.


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